Homer’s Homes and Homer’s Poems

Homer's Homes

Blog postings have taken a back seat recently as the work of getting WRHS MS. 3292 digitized and accessible online is currently Job Number 1 here at The Wade Project.   Digitizing isn’t all work and no play.  Every once in awhile  I run across a treat like the little drawing shown here by Jeptha “Homer” Wade II (1857-1926).

The verse in the center reads:

“I am at home, In each of these, To one of them, Return me please”

Like his father and grandfather before him Homer is fond of architecture, sketching, and doggerel poetry.  All those interests come together here in a drawing of Homer’s four homes: Homer’s childhood home, the Euclid Avenue home of his father, Randall Palmer Wade; Homer’s own steam-powered ocean-going yacht, the Wadena; Homer’s winter home in Thomasville, Georgia, Mill Pond Plantation; and his farm in Gates Mills, Ohio, Valley Ridge Farm.  Alas of the four only Mill Pond still survives.


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